Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wadi Rum


I started to write this blog in English. There are at least couple reasons for that: First of all, I suppose it might improve my English skills. And secondly, it´s easier for my English speaking friends to follow my doings. Enjoy!

Two weeks ago I packed my bags and flew to Jordan and Wadi Rum with four of my friends. It was a great little trip with beautiful surroundings. Most amazing I´we ever seen I think. We stayed in Wadi Rum for ten days and also visited some nice attractions like the city of Petra and Dead sea.  Let the photos speak their own language.

Our joyful team. From left me, Sampsa, Teppo, Jonni and Lauri

Rabakat canyon
Sampsa seconding The Beauty
Sampsa´s sending the upper crux pitch of the Beauty 
Summit of Jebel um Ishrin
Rabakat canyon
Rabakat canyon
Some crazy rock formations
Desert view
Desert team

How to train a dromedar
One of the best splitters I climbed during our trip. On the north-west face of  Nasrani north.
Hammads route, Jebel Rum
Hammads route on Jebel Rum

Some easy slabs before summit
Pocketed wall
Summit of Jebel Rum used to be the highest place of Jordan.

Wadi Rum village and sand storm
Our host offered us a nice Beduin meal. Rice, vegetables and chicken

Barrah canyon
Barrah canyon
Merlin wand
Barrah canyon
Campfire in a dark Barrah canyon
Burdah rock bridge

Rum coffe shop
Team with our host Mohammed Domayan
Young Beduin girl

Floating in the dead sea
Dead sea is 300 m. below sea level
Before leaving back home it was time to eat some good food and....
....drink couple of excellent non alcoholic beers

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